Sunday, September 5, 2010

Application Letter for attachment at IME - Draft 1

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As part of our constant efforts to develop R&D talents for Singapore's electronics industry, we have been actively offering student attachment programmes to tertiary students. IME works closely with the local universities, polytechnics, junior colleges and secondary schools for student attachment opportunities. We support various types of student attachment programmes such as industrial attachments, vacation internship programmes, and final year project attachments.

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Vinod Kumar
Block XXX, Rocky Road, #67-89
Singapore 111213
H/P : 91234567
E-mail :

August 31, 2010

HR Department
Institute of Microelectronics
11 Science Park Road, Singapore Science Park II
Singapore 117685

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in to express my interest for an attachment stint in the Institute of Microelectronics. I came to know about the internship position through a senior who has had prior working experience in your company and his positive feedback compelled me to apply immediately.

This being the penultimate year of my engineering (mechanical) bachelor degree in the National University of Singapore(NUS), I wish to put to practise the knowledge acquired thus far in a worksite setting. A keen interest in the mechatronics sector is further reason for me to pursue a spot in the various projects you have on offer such as those involving semiconductors and nano-electronics. I am however most inclined towards the Sensor and Actuator Microsystems(SAM) project on the evidence of better grades in the fundamental modules encompassing that area, for instance, feedback control systems. Being a highly hands-on project, the experience of labwork in linear circuits and frequency response has most certainly equipped me sufficiently in terms of familiarity with technical equipments.

Given an opportunity, I am confident I have the necessary skills to make a value-added contribution to the company. Self-motivation, hardworking ethic and knowledge of team dynamics have been inculcated through the meeting of crucial deadlines for assignments and labwork as well as the successful completion of various group projects. Academics aside, participating and winning in a robotics competition during pre-university days, being quartermaster of my college table-tennis team and involvement in voluntary work outside campus grounds have imparted many essential life skills. Some of which include resilience, inter-personal communication skills and leadership. In addition, I am also enthusiastic about many different sports, which have brought various degrees of success. In any case, a willingness to learn would hold me in good stead to face the potential obstacles that I am bound to come across in this attachment.

I would relish the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and interest areas with you and also on how I could be of service to the company during this attachment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Vinod Kumar (Mr)



  1. Hi Vinod,

    Your language use in this application letter is excellent, and I am most impressed that you start a sentence with the qualities first, which caught my attention immediately. “Self-motivation, hardworking ethic and knowledge of team dynamics have been inculcated through the meeting of crucial deadlines for assignments and labwork as well as the successful completion of various group projects”. Good job done!

    In your second paragraph, I found a bit confused as to which project you are going to join at IME. What are the various projects IME have to offer? And what is the project that you are keen to be enrolled in? Maybe you can elaborate more about this.

    Regarding the format, it will be better that you can JUSTIFY the document so that it will look more professional.

    The application letter is very impressive and I wish you all the best in your future job application :)

  2. Hey Nanhai,

    Nice hearing from you. thanks for bringing up the confusing aspect of it. Will work on it asap and if possible, I would really appreciate you telling me if it clears up your confusions thereafter.

  3. Hi Vinod,

    It has always been a challenge(and pleasure) reading and deciphering your blogposts, well at least for me! :D

    Yet again, you displayed the 7Cs of effective communication effortlessly. To me, what stood out was your appropriate tone in this letter. You showed that you were competent and confident with your wise choice of dictions.

    Your personal strengths are all backed up with concrete examples, especially on the paragraph regarding your technical skills.

    I am trying hard to input criticism, but I just can't think of any! Well, what Nanhai said was true. Be specific in which projects you're keen in doing with the company.

    Nicely done!

  4. Hi Vinod,

    Your art of language never fails to amaze me each time I come here to read, and I really enjoyed reading, even for this formal letter.

    First of all, I would like to comment you on your wide myriad of words used in the letter. I was simply impressed by your language alone.

    There is a sentence which I do not quite understand (pardon me if it's due to my poor english): "Some of my better grades were obtained in the relevant fundamental modules which would be handy for the projects, in particular the Sensor and Actuator Microsystems (SAM) Programme". Is the SAM program the module that you took or the project that you are interested in?

    Another mistake I spotted was "the NUS" which I think should be just "NUS". Can someone else confirm on this too?

    Once again, I feel I can learn quite a bit by reading your post everytime. Keep up the good work and entertainment =P


  5. Hey Vinod,

    Again, an excellent read from you! (: Your usage of language is just fabulous. Even I myself, feel compelled to select you for the internship. I feel that your usage of persuasive words has definitely fulfilled its purpose of making your interest in the programme evident in your letter.

    7Cs wise, I feel that you are concise yet complete. You managed to link your past experiences to how they would put you in good stead for this internship well. However, I agree with Elgin that the part on SAM is a little ambiguous. From how I interpret it, I feel it is the programme in the internship you are interested to take. However, if that is so, you may want to include a few names of the fundamental modules that you did well in, just to make your employer more certain of you.

    Overall, great job! Keep up the good work! ((:

    Cheers! :D

  6. Hi Vinod,

    Another job well done. (: You come across as a good all-rounder in your application letter; skilled, sporty, and of good character (not to mention, eloquent too).

    Additionally, your tone is very polite and humble, plus you expressed such great enthusiasm over the prospect of working with'd be a wonder if the HR manager didn't schedule you in for an interview immediately.

    Just a suggestion for one little line: 'Being a highly hands on based project…' you might want to consider changing it to: 'being a highly hands-on project' OR 'highly practical-based project' (:

  7. Hi Vinod,

    You never failed to entertain me with your use of language. Your use of words and phrase in the letter is like a ensemble when read. Really got much to learn from your posts.

    However, I felt that your sentences in paragraph 3 are a bit lengthy. Not sure whether it is bad but it requires a bit of effort to read as I constantly have to re-read it to link the front portion with the back portion of the sentence.

    Tks for the insightful comments on my post too :)

  8. @ PL SGT Alvin - appreciate the comments and your original labwork ideas a great deal though the part on effortlessly doesn't quite describe it haha. Hope I've specified sufficiently after the edit.

    @ Elgin - Sorry but I really don't understand how anyone can enjoy reading this letter and be entertained but anyways thanks alot for the encouraging comments. Hope I've cleared up your doubt and as for 'the NUS' , I shall get a second opinion and get back to you.

    @ Alicia/Alibaba - If only you were my employer..I did include the part on the fundamental modules so thanks for that.

  9. @ May - Again I wish my employer was as nice and understanding as you are :) Edited the error accordingly thanks. Will review your application soon in the next 2 days.

    @ Xing Quan - I did combine the sentences just so to satisfy Brad's criterion of filling it up in a page exactly. But confusing you say, I'll have a re-look. Hope you come up with an awesome edited post and I'll use it as a model if I ever intend to apply to DSTA!

  10. Hi Vinod!

    A very persuasive and interesting application letter you have there! It is an undeniable fact that you possess the gift of the gab, especially when you manage to turn a monotonous letter into something so entertaining. I am impressed by your linguistic ability since Day 1 (HAHA). You manage to map your skills with the job requirements very well, and that makes you a highly suitable candidate for this position!

    Previously on Monday, you were asking us whether you should focus on one aspect of your qualities and elaborate it further. Like what I had mentioned, I think it will only be useful and relevant if it is related to your job scope. Otherwise it may seem as though you are trying to flaunt your skills which will backfire altogether.

    I have to agree with May that your tone is indeed polite and humble! Not many people can delivery that, thumbs up Vinoddd!

  11. Hi XS! Just like Elgin, I seriously still don't understand how you can find this letter entertaining ha. Anyways thanks again for the kind comments and also your input regarding whether or not I should focus specifically on 1 aspect.

  12. as for me is good but much more complex to convice the director

  13. It's too long. Most secretaries don't have that time to read the whole content. Why not make it short and precise. Good job.

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  15. I am pretty much impressed by the art you employed in introducing yourself. It definitely boosts the employers confidence in your inventiveness. Congratulations!

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